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Enjoy the Premium Coffee at Bee Hollow Market in Mascoutah IL

Bee Hollow Market in Mascoutah IL Carries a Wide Selection of Flavored and Decaf Premium Coffee

We carry a wide selection of whole bean Premium coffee
including flavors and decaf.

See our complete list below...
Take Time to Smell the Coffee at Bee Hollow Market in Mascoutah IL
With Enough Coffee from Bee Market Hollow in Mascoutah IL Anything is Possible!

With Enough Coffee from Bee Market Hollow in Mascoutah IL Anything is Possible!
Let us grind your coffee of choice.


Bee Hollow Market in Mascoutah IL Carries a Wide Selection of Flavored and Decaf Premium Coffee
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Product NameDescriptionPrice
The mellow, creamy flavor of almond in a medium roasted coffee.
12.3 lb
Apple Crumb Cake
Just like the name implies. The flavor of apple with the richness of a crumb cake. Just a hint of spices.
na lb
Apple Strudel
Medium roasted coffee with the sweet addition of apple, cinnamon and all the goodness of the famous dessert.
11.95 lb
Bananas Foster
A medium roasted coffee laced with flavor of banana alone with a hint of caramel and vanilla. Just like the dessert.
na lb
Black Forest
With flavors just like the famous cake. The blend of coconut, cherry and chocolate fudge, this coffee can easily become your favorite dessert. Add a dollop of whipped cream and the richness is sure to please.
na lb
Blueberry Cinnamon Cobbler
A delicate blend of blueberry and decadent cake drizzled with cinnamon highlights. Warm and delicious. Make this your dessert. Seasonal.
11.95 lb
From the land locked African Republic of Burundi, this medium roasted coffee pairs a rich fluid body with a crisp acidity. It offers a clean finish with notes of citrus and red currant. Leaves you wanting more.
na lb
Caramel Royale
The creamy goodness of caramel with just a touch of vanilla.
Chocolate Fudge
A true delight for all chocolate lovers with the added kick of rich fudge flavor.
12.3 lb
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Just to satisfy those serious cravings. A mouthwatering blend of chocolate and creamy peanut butter.
12.3 lb
City Roast Papua New Guinea
A unique Indonesian coffee, the trees are actually transplants from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing regions. The combination of the JBM trees and the superior Indonesian soil creates a coffee that is somewhere in between. Not as earthy as a Sumatra, and with a lighter body than a Java, it s a clean cup with sweet acidity and a deep, complex flavor. Roasted to a City Roast level to bring out a more full-bodied and complex flavor to an already great coffee.
13.10 lb
A blend of chocolate, hazelnut, and cinnamon, just like the cookie. Your kitchen will smell of freshly baked cookies when you brew this cup. Seasonal.  
Creme Brulee
The smooth richness of the famous dessert without the added calories.
12.3 lb
Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu
Costa Rica is one of the world's premier coffee growing regions thanks to its rich volcanic soil. Slightly more acidic than other coffees with exellent chocolatly flavor notes and fruity undertones. Brought to a French roast level this coffee is full bodied and offers a complex taste.
13.15 lb
Decaf Chocolate
12.6 lb
Decaf Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu
Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions due to the volcanic soil and ideal drainage. While slightly more acidic there are excellent chocolaty flavor notes, fruity undertones. Brought to the French Roast level for a fuller bodied, more complex flavor. 13.5 lb
Decaf French Roast
  13.15 lb
Decaf Hazelnut
Decaf Highlander Grogg
12.6 lb
Decaf Kenya
Decaf Mexican Chiapas
  15.4 lb
English Toffee
description here
12.30 lb
European Blend
A bold, smooth and rich blend of French and Vienesse roasted Latin American coffee. In whole bean form there are light and dark colored beans with an excellent aroma. A new coffee worth the try.
12.25 lb
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Hazelnut Creme
Sweet, rich, nutty flavor, sure to tantalize your tastebuds.
12.3 lb
Highlander Grogg
This coffee is a buttery, spicy blend of flavors with an added kick of Scotch whisky (flavoring only, no alcohol). Our most popular flavored coffee.
12.30 lb
Home Fire Espresso
description here
12.50 lb
Indian Monsooned Malabar
This is a very unique coffee hailing from India. After harvest, the green coffee beans are exposed to the annual Monsoon winds of India. As the beans absorb the moisture of the windy air, they expand in size and take on a unique flavor. We city roast this coffee bean, which retains the very special taste characteristics. Monsooned Malabar sports an earthy flavor that is normally associated with Indonesian coffees and is surprisingly smooth.
Italian Roast Espresso
This is a heavy and rich dark roast coffee. It features a blend of Italian roasted beans that are very oily and black in color, and is ideal for an Espresso or even as an Iced Coffee. Dark roast coffees are very popular right now, so if you are looking for a coffee that is rich and dark, check this out
12.25 lb
Jamaican Me Crazy ®
The next time you're out on the town, trying to pick up the ladies (or gents, let's be fair), try this one:"You must be Jamaican because Jamaican Me Crazy!®" Now if your amorous objective knows a thing or two about coffee, they will realize that you aren't just using a cheesy pick-up line; you're saying they remind you of a Caribbean blend of vanilla, caramel, and Cafe Maria Liqueur flavors on light roast coffee beans. If that won't get you a date, I don't know what will!
12.30 lb
Jamaican Me Groggy
Some of the best things happen by accident. Such is the case with this signature blend. While mixing the Jamaica Me Crazy, some Highlander Grogg was accidentally included, a very tasty mistake.
12.30 lb
Jingle Bell Java
Kenya AA
Mascoutah Blend
The highest grade of Colombian coffee beans. These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. Medium acidity.
12.50 lb
Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan
This very popular coffee is shade grown in levels as high as 4000ft, this is a cup with a rich body and a smooth and spicy chocolaty finish.
Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan
Nicaragua is a fairly new entry into the coffee export world, and they have made quite a splash. Some experts say that this coffee can give Kona a run for its money, but only time will tell. The SHG grade here is especially important, as the highest grown coffees of Nicaragua do not develop the high acidity that is associated with many Central American coffees. This is a very well balanced cup, featuring a mild body, light acidity, and excellent aroma. 13.75 lb
Organic Mexican Chiapas
The Chiapas region of Mexico is on the border of Guatemala's Huehuetenango region, so the coffees share some similar traits. A mild, medium coffee, it has both fruity and nutty notes with some hints of clove and earthiness. The acidity is bright, but not overpowering, the arom fresh & delicate.
13.75 lb
Pecan Sticky Bun
Who doesn't like sticky buns? This delicious blend of caramel cream, roasted pecans and cinnamon will become one of your favorite coffees.
11.95 lb
Peruvian High Grown
A versatile coffee bean grown in high altitude regions of Peru. Moderate acidity with a soft body and flavor. This lightly roasted bean, which helps maintain the delicate balance of the bean, is ideal as a blending coffee and as an evening brew. This variety of Peru is Light Roast level to retain the delicate balance inherent in these beans.
Pumpkin Spice
Raspberry Creme Chocolate
The sweet richness of chocolate perfectly blended with the sweet tartness of raspberry.
Season's Greetings
Seville Orange
As soon as you open the bag, the aroma of orange ingulfs you. The real pieces of orange, combined with orange flavoring to make this a tart, tangy, tasty orange sensation. Try mixing with chocolate coffee or ice cream (like a cream sickle) for a tasty treat.
12.30 lb
A medium dark roasted coffee that offers an earthy, deep, complex, full-bodied coffee. The low acidity smoothness of this coffee gives aromas of butterscotch and spice.
Swiss Chocolate Orange
A perfect blend of rich Swiss Chocolate with the crisp flavor of fresh orange. What a great pairing.
12.3 lb
Tanzanian AA
Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, this is a truly exotic location for this east African coffee. This coffee offers a clean, clear cup and a flavorful experience.
12.6 lb
Traders Blend
A medium dark roast blended coffee of the finest Latin American coffees.
12.25 lb

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